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We have complete expertise in developing any type of financial & commercial packages including anciliary packages for management controls. We are developing these packages in clipper 5.3 with C Interface & Foxplus being database. We have also been developing packages with front end being VB, ASP & JSP and Access at the back end. Most of our softwares are Lan Based.

We have number of satisfied clients for whon we have developed various packages ranging from Stock & Inventory management, wages control, Chain Production Process, Stock & inventory management, wages control, Chain Production Process control, financial accounting management, tailor made invoicing packages and various important packages made as per specifications of the clients.

Our client base includes companies from various industries some of them are being mentioned below.

  1. Manufacturers of Precision items used for scientific & Laboratories purposes.
  2. Manufacturers of consumer products such as Sherbats, Jam, Jelly, Pickles etc.
  3. Packages made for Biri (Tobacco Smoking) manufacturing Co.
  4. Packages made for Export Organisation.
  5. Manufactuers of Labels used in all sorts of garments.
  6. Manufacturers of Hosiery Garments.
  7. Process control softwares made for Telecom Companies & Banks for whom our client work as CPA.
  8. Packages made for Courier Companies.

To name a few of our Clients:-

  1. Citibank N.A.
  2. Citicorp Finance (P) Ltd
  3. Citifinancial Consulmer Finance India.
  4. Hutchision Telecom East Ltd.
  5. Tarsons Products Pvt Ltd.
  6. Ganesh Products Pvt Ltd
  7. Gowell Woven Labels.
  8. Mrinalini Biri Mfg Co.Ltd.

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