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Simply having a website is not enough - in order to add value to your business you must direct traffic to your site. A comprehensive Internet strategy is essential to promote your company's products and services. With over two billion websites on the web and the constantly changing ranking parameters by the major search engines, constant effort is required to remain at the top of the search engine listings.

85% of all new visitor traffic to any Web site originates from search engines and directories such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista, Lycos etc. and others. It is absolutely essential that business owners ensure that their Web sites are ranked and positioned where their customers can find them.

Through extensive research and years of experience with the ever-changing world of search engines, search engine relationships and search engine results algorithm, MMC Solutions has developed a proven methodology that ensures consistent high rankings, which in return has generated highly qualified leads and a tremendous increase in the Internet generated revenue for our clients.

MMC Solutions offers a full-service search engine submission and optimization program. Because each search engine has a different set of constantly changing ranking requirements, we have a dedicated team that manages content, keywords, and META tags for each of our clients with the major search engines.

A large part of our Online Marketing approach is making sure that our clients thoroughly understand the search engine relationships. That will in return, ensure that the time, effort, budget and resources spent on marketing a Web site are carefully planned and targeted.

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